Unified Communications in the Cloud
Collaborate in a Work Anywhere World with Unified Communications in the Cloud

Many organizations today have a mix of multi-vendor communication and collaboration solutions - from instant messaging, conferencing, email and unified messaging to team collaboration and voice calling. This leaves IT struggling with multiple interfaces and integration points between tools to deliver the seamless "work anywhere" experience users expect.

What is Unified Communications?

Unified communications (UC) merges these multiple tools with presence behind a single user interface - easily accessible from almost any device and virtually anywhere - to increase personal productivity and business efficiency in ways no single tool ever could. 

Single Inbox.  Unified messaging can deliver all types of communications to a single inbox.  A single inbox is easier for administrators to maintain, and provides flexibility for users to manage and interact with all of their communications.

Efficient Communications.  Users can communicate more effectively by having access to all communications at one time and being free to share, forward or manage them in a way that's most convenient or effective.

Cost Savings.  Merging multiple applications streamlines the communications administration & consolidates the infrastructure onto fewer servers, saving money for the enterprise.

Access from Anywhere.  Unified messaging provides alternative methods of accessing communications.  By merging email, voice, presence & mobile communications, users can get voice messages in email, have email dictated over the phone, or access multiple forms of communications through a single interface via the Web.

Simplify & Unify Communications in the Cloud with Crosspeer 

Instead of using on-premises equipment to support core unified communicaitons and telephony services, deploying advanced unified communications applications on high performance cloud servers from Crosspeer provides distinct benefits and advantages:

      Decreases capex & monthly overhead
  Reduces deployment delays
  Delivers UC & Telephony capabilities on a consistent platform
  Frees your internal staff from infrastructure management & support
  Deploy & manage applications in the cloud, not on individual devices
  Leverages the availability & scalability of the Crosspeer Cloud for maximum productivity

Transition to the Cloud & Transform the way you do business with Unified Communications.

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