Flexible - Scalable - Cost Effective
Crosspeer Cloud Infrastructure

Crosspeer Virtual Servers run on sophisticated server farms located in premier data centers.  All the underlying cloud hosting infrastructure is professionally managed, monitored and serviced providing you with high performance, availability and scalability.  Our virtual servers offer all the power and control of a traditional server while providing you with instant flexibility to scale your machine resources up or down on-demand.

Our servers not only reduce your CAPEX, but provide additional cost efficiencies by enabling you to buy the exact capacity you need.  What's more, your cloud servers are globally accessible from any web browser and run on an infrastructure platform that is built to scale and grow along with your needs.
Cloud Server Operating Systems

The Crosspeer Cloud supports any x86 operating system on 32-bit or 64-bit architectures.  We offer a wide range of pre-installed images and install CDs, and you can upload your own media to your virtual servers.  For raw hard drive images from your existing physical or virtual servers, you can upload a raw image of your hard drive into your account in the cloud using our drive upload tool or other options. 

Our customers run a wide range of operating systems, databases, software and applications including Ruby on Rails, Python, Java, CGI, PHP, IIS, Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Exchange, SugarCRM and a variety of Custom Software Applications.
Technology Details

Each layer of the Crosspeer Cloud Computing Infrastructure has been carefully designed and configured by a team of experts to provide optimum performance of your virtual servers.  Powered by ElasticStack cloud platform your virtual server environment provides you with complete control to choose the operating system, applications and configuration of your machine, just like a physical server. 

In addition, you can use any web browswer to scale your machine up or down and to manage the full suite of cloud hosting services that you need for your web and enterpise applications, as well as for SaaS deployments.
KVM Open Virtualization Platform

The Crosspeer Cloud uses Linux KVM, the advanced virtualization platform built into Linux.  After evaluating VMware, Xen and others, KVM was selected as the best architecture for virtualization on modern processors.  The Linux KVM hypervisor is built into mainline Linux.  It uses the full range of hardware virtualization support, and directly uses the regular Linux scheduler and I/O device drivers.  By contrast, Xen runs an external hypervisor for scheduling, and uses a modified Linux kernel to provide device drivers.  VMware runs a proprietary external hypervisor, which includes scheduling and device drivers, many of which are adapted from Linux.

KVM is extremely well designed, widely deployed, professionally maintained and thoroughly tested to a level likely well above what a single company can achieve on either their own proprietary codebase or locally maintained fork of Linux.  Learn More about KVM
Clustering Technology

Our servers are clustered for redundancy, load balancing and automatic failover, using RAID to keep your data safe and your virtual servers running even in the (unlikely) case of hard disk failure.  We use high-end multiprocessor servers, fitted with quad-core AMD processors that offer second generation support for virtualization, greatly increasing performance and effectively eliminating MMU (Memory Management Unit) virtualization overhead.
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