Press Releases
November 4, 2013 - Crosspeer Announces Availability of WebRTC Cloud Platform Beta Program
New WebRTC Platform from Crosspeer Cloud that provides back-end support for WebRTC Apps is available to Developers
for Beta Testing

August 13, 2013 - Crosspeer Cloud offers Practical, Cost Effective Best-in-Class Disaster Recovery Solutions
A cloud-based approach to Disaster Recovery from Crosspeer enables companies to keep all their mission-critical applications
and systems on hand without breaking their budgets

June 18, 2013 - Crosspeer Cloud delivers the Real Time Web with IP Videocom, a Scalable Standards-based WebRTC Platform
Crosspeer is advancing its Communications Cloud IAAS with IP Videocom, a full-featured, scalable standards-based
WebRTC platform enabling Web developers to quickly build and deploy Real Time Web applications.

May 14, 2013 - Crosspeer Cloud and Ezuce Join Forces to Offer Enterprise Unified Communications in the Cloud
Crosspeer Cloud and Ezuce are leading the way in the post-PBX era in providing innovative, cost-effective Unified
Communications solution the the cloud to Enterprises across the globe.

April 25, 2013 - Crosspeer Cloud Provides the IT Launch Pad for a New Generation of Start-ups
Crosspeer Cloud IAAS isn't just delivering savings and flexibility to existing organizations, it is also laying the IT foundation
for a new generation of innovators, entrepreneurs and business start-ups.

April 16, 2013 - Crosspeer Cloud Announces New Unified Communications Initiative
Best-of-Breed IAAS Platform from Crosspeer sets the Standard for Advanced Unified Communications in the Cloud

January 2, 2013 - Crosspeer Infrastructure Delivers Next Generation Open Cloud

Crosspeer provides Enterprises with Next Generation Open Cloud Computing Infrastructure that is unmatched in
Flexibility, Scalability, Performance and Price

October 13, 2012 -  Crosspeer Launches 'Elastic' Cloud IAAS Services

New high-perfomance public cloud infrastructure from Crosspeer spearheads the latest trends in Cloud Computing

August 15, 2012 - Crosspeer Enters Cloud IAAS Market
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