Crosspeer Cloud Provides the IT Launch Pad for the Next Generation of Start-ups

        Crosspeer Cloud IAAS isn't just delivering savings and flexiblity to existing organizations; it is also
        laying the IT foundation for a new generation of innovators, entrepreneurs and business start-ups. 
April 25, 2013

Crosspeer Cloud, the leader in high-performance Open Cloud Computing is seeing a rise in the interest in cloud computing by entrepreneurs and business start-up organizations.  Cloud deployments are delivering positive impacts, from cost savings to increased innovation.  The attributes of zero CAPEX, accessibility and elasticity are the main contributing factors to a move to the cloud.

"Crosspeer Cloud is perfectly suited to be the 'IT launch pad' for start-ups," said Salvador Diaz-Verson, CEO of Crosspeer.  "All computing resources on the Crosspeer Infrastructure can be scaled independently and on-demand,  enabling users to accommodate requirements specific to their application needs and budgets.  By not forcing users to pay for pre-configured blocks of resources like many IAAS providers, Crosspeer delivers an excellent value-proposition for young start-ups.  The ease of use, simplicity and flexibility of server deployment on Crosspeer Cloud gives entrepreneurs more time to develop their own technologies.  The cost advantages of cloud computing free up their capital so they can build their own businesses."

Unlike many of its competitors, the Crosspeer Cloud Infrastructure is 'Open' and extremely flexible.  With the high-performing KVM hypervisor at the core, Crosspeer Cloud allows for every server to be a different configuration and enables vertical scaling without restarting.  Scaling your IT infrastructure up or down has never been easier. Start-ups now have access to as many CPU cores and data storage as large enterprises, without the need for an in-house IT department.
Crosspeer Cloud allows customers to install ANY x86 operating system on their cloud servers.  Users can even choose to utilize their own installation media.  This is especially important for software development firms who need the ability to test the performance of their software running on a variety of different operating environments, OS versions and server configurations.  All storage on Crosspeer Cloud is persistent, and users can choose either HDDs or SSDs to run their applications.   Servers can be assigned a true Static IP address which is important for networking applications where NATs, such as those imposed by some cloud providers, can be problematic.   Crosspeer Cloud enables developers to be agile and efficient through all phases of the software development cycle, for benchmark testing and QA, without the expense of maintaining an on-premise computer lab.

The use of Crosspeer Cloud can also be a shot in the arm for Technology Labs and Incubators, as well as for venture-backed portfolio companies.  Not only are Crosspeer's computing resources flexible and elastic, so are the company's pricing and payment options.  Users can subscribe for a length of time that they determine, select a burst pricing option or use a combination of the two for any server.

"Burst pricing is a great solution for those who do not need to run their servers 24/7," explained Mike Dabney, Director of Business Development.  "An even more flexible option is a combination of subscription and burst pricing.  For example, a user can choose to pay for a monthly subscription for disk space, but then select burst pricing for CPU and memory at the hourly rate.  Pricing starts at only $.06 per hour which is an extremely affordable way to acquire scalable computing resources.  The flexibility of Crosspeer's pricing options is especially helpful and cost efficient for start-ups and young businesses, since many don't require computing resources at a production level in the early stages of their development."

Studies show that cloud computing positively enables organizations to run as efficiently and effectively as possible.  Young venture companies now have access to the same computing resources as their larger, more established counterparts, giving them an edge that was not available a decade ago.

"Innovative business leaders and young entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the power, agility and cost efficiencies of the cloud," said Diaz-Verson. "This also applies to departments of larger organizations.  Designing new products without the need to go through corporate finance and IT approvals is a great way to inspire innovation and foster an entrepreneurial spirit."

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