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Instead of enterprises buying resources in case of a disaster, Crosspeer Cloud Computing offers subscriptions as well as a pay-per-use pricing model that enables companies to pay for long-term data storage while only paying for servers during testing or in the event of a disaster.  This provides significant cost reduction and removes several barriers to entry for many firms looking for faster recovery than what they can receive from conventional methods.

Most of our competitors require that every server has exactly one drive.  Our approach is flexible, allowing you to attach several drives to a single server, or store multiple configurations from which to boot.  This can expedite data recovery in the event of a disaster or downtime, enabling your company to be up and running with your exact configuration within minutes at the lowest possible cost on a pay-per-use basis.
Upload your own Server Images

Many business owners don't understand the difference between a backup and disaster recovery.  A backup is copying your files to another disk.  This can be done through a tape backup, a secondary computer or a cloud hosted backup service.  Disaster recovery is used for larger instances.  Complete images of your disk drives and servers are mirrored.  The image allows you to restore the entire system, including applications and data as an entire unit, rather than re-installing an OS, then the applications and data files separately.

Unlike most of our competitors, you can run any x86 compatible operating system on our cloud servers and upload your own installation media (even during your Free Trial) which makes the Crosspeer Cloud perfectly suited for Disaster Recovery deployments.  Keep in mind that a disaster does not have to refer to a fire or flood.  Your entire network may suddenly crash and your daily operations may grind to a halt.  With images of your systems deployed in the cloud, critical applications are easily restored and your business can be operational again within minutes. 
Tools, Partners & Services

Disaster Recovery in the cloud is the latest, most reliable and cost effective solution available today.  A fully configured application can be replicated and later restored in minutes, rather than hours or days. 

For infrastructure and operations professionals who are confident in their expertise in both cloud and disaster recovery,
a DIY approach can be a flexible and cost-effective option.  You'll find tools and tutorials on the Crosspeer website to assist in your efforts.

For those with immediate needs, those who have large complex applications to move, or those who just need some helping hands, our team of expert partners can assist in encapsulating your applications for easy migration to the Crosspeer Cloud, and creating server images for disaster recovery deployments.  Contact our Sales team for details.  
The benefits of cloud computing are many - cost effective use of resources, rapid provisioning, scalability and elasticity.  One of the most significant advantages to cloud computing is how it changes disaster recovery, making it more cost-effective and lowering the bar for enterprises to deploy comprehensive Disaster Recovery plans for their entire IT infrastructure.

Crosspeer Cloud Computing delivers faster recovery times and multi-site availability at a fraction of the cost of conventional data recovery.  With virtualization, the entire server, including the operating system, applications, patches and data can be encapsulated into a single software bundle or 'virtual server.'  This entire virtual server can be deployed in the Crosspeer Cloud and available for use within minutes.  Since a virtual server is hardware independent, all your data can be safely and accurately transferred from your facility to the cloud (and back again), without the burden of reloading each component of the server.  This can dramatically reduce recovery times compared to conventional disaster recovery approaches.
Crosspeer Cloud for Disaster Recovery
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