Crosspeer Enters Cloud IAAS Market
August 15, 2012

Crosspeer announced their entry in the Cloud IAAS market today.  The company will  be providing flexible, scalable, 'elastic' cloud computing resources on-demand to organizations of all sizes. 

Companies can benefit from cloud computing in many ways, especially in terms of presence and cost.  Applications and data that are located in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere via the Internet, and the costs typically associated with hardware acquisition and personnel to maintain it can be eliminated.

"The company didn't initially plan to enter the Cloud IAAS business," remarked Salvador Diaz-Verson, CEO of Crosspeer.   "We were looking for a flexible, scalable public cloud computing platform on which to launch our SAAS application product offerings.   We had two basic requirements.  The first was to be able to choose and scale the amount of CPU, memory, disk space and bandwidth independently to better accommodate the demands of our applications.  The second was the ability to install our own operating system so we could quickly on-board our existing applications and software development environment.   Much to our dismay, meeting those two basic requirements turned out to be too tall an order for the likes of Amazon, Rackspace, Microsoft and others.   We discovered that this was pervasive across the entire IAAS industry and saw an opportunity to address it."

A newcomer in the Cloud IAAS market, Crosspeer isn't afraid to take on its larger competitors.   With the explosion of new mobile computing devices, collaborative applications and the typically slow response from IT departments, users are turning to cloud services as an alternative to traditional computing.  The automation that cloud computing provides is replacing more of what traditional IT departments have done in the past.   As more organizations embrace the advantages of cloud computing, the more options will be necessary to meet the demand.  Crosspeer is on target to provide users with features and options that are currently not found with other public cloud vendor offerings. 

"Computing has never been a one-size-fits-all proposition," said Patrice Haftman, CTO of Crosspeer.   "Every organization regardless of their size has unique computing requirements.   Many cloud providers box their customers into pre-set system configurations.   They don't allow customers to 'create their own' and  scale each component of a cloud server independently to match their needs.  The Crosspeer Cloud will enable them to do just this, but faster, cheaper and more reliably than ever before."

Crosspeer will be launching their cloud offerings in the coming weeks, providing tools and an easy-to-use administrative interface to simplify the process for customers to deploy and manage any application in the clouid.

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